Myths Pool Fishery

Myths Pool Fishery, Downham Road, Cm111jt Stock

Myths Pool Fishery, Essex New Premier Carp Venue Based in the rural village of Stock, we are a private pre book Day Ticket for info TEL Dave 07716244243Myths Pool Fishery is a Pre Book Day Ticket and any body caught tress passing on the Fishery will be Banned Automatically. CCTV is in operation and viewing is by appointment only Fishery Size 2.7 acres Season 365 days a year Rod Limits Up to 3 rods may be used Bait Boats Not permitted Myths Pool is a relatively shallow lake with depths from 2 to 8ft, with an average of approximately 3-5ft. There is Two island and numerous Plateus,Gravel bars Weed patches and silt features that can be easily located from a choice of 8 swims, including several with disabled access. Very few day ticket waters in Essex give you the chance to Have a uk 40lb carp on the bank, however Myths Pool gives you that chance. With Holding two fish currently over 42lb+ and several more over 30lb, and plenty of Stunning upper 20s and doubles that would make there way in to any Anglers photo album this is just one of the reasons to visit Myths Pool Fishery Stock Essex MYTHS POOL TICKET PRICES (Per person, non-transferable & non-refundable) (Gate code) will be provided when ticket is paid. Tickets are to be made payable prior to arrival via Bank Transfer or pay pal Membership joining fee £50 Members prices 2 rods for up to 12 hours £10.00 2 rods for up to 24 hours £20.00 3 rods for up to 12 hours £15.00 3 rods for up to 24 hours £30.00 any sessions over 48hrs becomes half price so for example 2 rods 72hrs £50 96hrs £60 3 rods 72hrs £75 96 hours £90 Non Members Prices 2 rods for up to 12 hours £15.00 2 rods for up to 24 hours £30.00 3 rods for up to 12 hours £20.00 3 rods for up to 24 hours £35.00 Private Exclusive Lake Booking Members prices Monday 7am - Friday 7am £500 Friday 7am - Sunday 7am £350 Monday 7am - Monday 7am £800 Non Members Private Exclusive Lake Booking Monday 7am - Friday 7am £800 Friday 7am - Sunday 7am £500 Monday 7am - Monday 7am £1200 With a maximum of 8 Anglers using 3 rods each MYTHS POOL FISHERY TICKET AVAILABILITY Myths Pool Fishery is a Day Ticket water with tickets available in advance only Email [email protected] or Tel: 07716244243 Between 8am - 6pm MYTHS POOL FISHERY RULES- SUMMARY (full list provided on ticket) Cars must be parked in car park provided. PLEASE shut the gate after arriving and leaving.If not a BAN will be imposed No Carp Care/Clinic you will be asked to leave No unattended rods. Period No litter. You will be asked to leave if there is litter in or around your swim. take rubbish home. All fish caught must be returned to the water as soon as possible. No sacks or keepnets allowed on site. All anglers must use the Nets, Weigh Slings and Cradles Provided By Myths Pool This is to prevent the Spread of KHV No Rowing boats Bailiffs will be conducting regular rig checks to ensure anglers are using safe rigs. No fixed-lead rigs may be used. No Peanuts, or Preserved baits allowed (excluding Hookbaits) Barbed hooks only No Braided Main Line Minimum 12lb line No unaccompanied juniors (under 18) No guests allowed W.C on site

Carp to over 46lb

Address: Myths Pool Fishery, Downham Road, Cm111jt Stock

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Alan cuttell - 14th Sep 2019 at 9:50am

Hi, I understand the lake is now a syndicate, can you please tell me you have a waiting list and the price to join, many thanks


Anonymous - 8th Oct 2018 at 6:53pm

I understand that this lake is now a syndicate water how do I go about joining have you got a waiting list that I could go on many thanks kelvin rafferty

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Carpy - Reviewed 27th Sep 2018 at 8:42am

This is a *Syndicate* water now and not a day ticket water. Great little lake, some cracking fish up to a really good size of 45 + .

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