Lydd Complex

Dennes Lane Lydd TN29 9

Mid Kent Fisheries Limited took up the fishing rights to the three lakes in 2005, after they were dug in the 1990s. Other than a few wild-bred fish, these virgin lakes had no recognized stocks. As a result, it was a fantastic chance to fill the lakes with some very excellent Carp.

Main Lake

Syndicate – this venue is 12 acres in size and averages 12 to 13 feet in depth. There are presently 250 to 300 carp present, with two fish above 40 pounds, three approaching 40 pounds, and one exceeding 50 pounds! If you're looking for a large carp, this is the place to go. There are around 15 30lb fish with a massive head of 20's. If you would like to be put to the waiting list, please contact the office and you will be informed when a seat becomes available.

The stock pond is also known as the middle lake. This pond is 2 and a half acres in size, goes down to 12 feet deep in spots, and is brimming with naturals, making it the ideal site to raise the fish for the complex. All fish under 20 pounds that are caught in the main lake are placed in this venue to grow. It's a fantastic place to get a bite to eat while learning more about the complex.

End lake

This four-acre pit is home to roughly 120 carp, the largest of which weighs over 25 pounds. Despite the abundance of natural food, this location is seldom fished, and the fish simply do not reach their maximum weights without the continual food supply provided by fishermen. It's a nice lake for a bite to eat, and it's also an excellent spot to learn about the complex.

We knew the carp would thrive and develop fast since the lakes were quite productive, with abundant natural life such as shrimp in the water. The growth rates, on the other hand, have taken us by surprise. We stocked carp up to 24 pounds in the main lake in 2005, and it has already produced four fish over 40 pounds, the largest of which weighed 49 pounds. As previously said, it also contains roughly 15 carp in the mid-thirties, which is incredible for such a short period of time.

We utilize the middle lake as a stock pond, as previously stated. When we observed a fish in the main lake that was approaching 40 pounds, we decided to catch it and eliminate a lot of fish under 20 pounds. This enabled the larger fish to continue, which they did, with our largest carp weighing in at 49 pounds. Don't be put off by the fact that the main lake is the one to fish for the larger carp; the other two lakes also have gorgeous fish and the occasional surprise for the hardworking fisherman.

Carp up to 49lb

Address: Dennes Lane Lydd TN29 9

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