Cackle Hill Lakes

Headcorn Rd, Biddenden TN27 8JW

1st Specimen Lake:

Within the compound, this is our primary lake. It contains nine swims, ensuring that visiting anglers have a swim with plenty of features and room. The fishable area of the lake has doubled since the car park end was dug and extended, as well as the two islands, and with carp exceeding 40lbs.

The depth of the lake ranges from slightly over 18 inches to seven feet. The lake depths change throughout the year depending to the weather, and we are currently constructing certain swims to make specific spots more pleasant during the rainy season.

The majority of fishermen cast to the far bank, but the center and close side margins should not be overlooked since they often yield fish. There are also some built-up portions capped with gravel towards the café end of the lake, as well as shelves surrounding the islands in certain spots.

Because the catfish will quickly carry you into the snags, we recommend using stepped up line and tight grips.

2nd Specimen Lake:

We added a significant number of specimen carp to the existing population, which has produced fish weighing up to 38 pounds. Along with the carp, the Specimen Lake 2 on our complex provides something different for the fisherman than the typical water, with some amazing big catfish weighing in at 80lb or more, as well as specimen-sized Perch.

Over time, the lake has grown, and the one island and reed-fringed shores have become established. With people fishing the lake on a regular basis, the whole lake will yield fish. The lake fishes well throughout the year, with typical depths of six feet. The shallowest region of the lake lies at the far end, and this location usually provides large carp catches for visiting fishermen.

Mixed Lake

The oldest lake in the complex, despite being the smallest, should not be overlooked by anglers; indeed, we have recently restocked the water with Silver fish, tench, bream, and chub, and there are still some lovely carp in double figures lurking in the murky depths, along with the occasional catfish.

There are just a few swims on the lake, and only two of them are appropriate for fishing as doubles. The lake as a whole is fishing nicely, with numerous catches coming from the center and undercut edges. The depths range from two to eight feet.

We've eliminated a lot of the reeds, as well as some of the overhanging brambles and leaves, in addition to the netting that was done earlier this year. As a consequence, additional portions of the lake have been fishable for the first time since the complex was installed all those years ago.

The mixed lake is a unique site to fish since it is home to a diverse range of animals, including our resident kingfisher family. For a day or night session, this lake is well worth a visit.

Day ticket
Carp over 43lb
Tench to 8lb
Catfish up to 80lb
Perch to 6lb
Chub to 7lb

Address: Headcorn Rd, Biddenden TN27 8JW

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Tomas Madarasz - 11st Sep 2020 at 12:03pm

Hello i would Like to ask if there is an option for small soft plastík lures to catch som perch as i can see you gót real monsters there...

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