Castle Fisheries

Butt Lane, Belton, NR31 9PY, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Burgh Castle Fisheries is a modest complex sitting 4 miles away from Great Yarmouth, in the peaceful village surroundings of Burgh Castle.
There are three lakes containing various fish, depending on your preferences. Whether you want to fish for specimen carp upto 36lb, medium sized carp 6-18lb, match size carp 1-6lb or bag up with quality tench 7lb+, roach, perch, skimmer bream, goldfish or crucian carp.
Main lake
The main lake is for specimen carp fishing, it holds over 4 x 30lb upto 36lb, 11 fish 25lb+, 40 x 20lb and many high doubles. This lake has a tendancy to throw up large commons in the 25-36lb bracket which are scale perfect to confuse even the local anglers, this lake still holds a few secrets, which hopefully in the future will be sorted out. Hint, ask the locals about the mysterious silver common to get the tongues waggling!!!
This lake is around 1.5 acres, although not a large lake in carp fishing terms, there is still a few swims to get out the way from the main crowd.
The lake has lots and lots of features to fish, from reed beds , lily pads, two islands and a main gravel bar. There is also several other smaller gravel bars lerking about, but also the silt patches are still worth a try especially in winter.
Silver Birch
Silver birch is the pleasure/match lake, which is around 3/4 acre in size. This lakes holds a good head of smaller carp from 1-8lb, but still throws up the odd double. It consists of various different strains and breeds of carp including F1's , F2's and crucians to name but a few. You never know what you are going to catch next in this lake, as there are teems of brown and orange goldfish, chublets, roach, rudd, perch, skimmers, specimen sized tench and the odd grass carp.
This lake is suitable for all types of pleasure/match fishing methods, whether you want to fish the pole, waggler or feeder, you can always throw up decent bags of fish.
This lake has produced nearly 60lb bags of carp, 20lb of silvers and large bags of tench in matches.
Kingfisher lake is around 3/4 acre in size, it contains carp from 2-18lb, a few good tench and has fair numbers of silver fish present. This lake is to get a good bend in the rod or see the elastic fly on the pole. This has not got the non stop action of the Siver Birch lake, but contains a better class of fish, so when you hook one you definitely know about it.
This is for the angler who wants to get a better class of fish than the match lake, maybe waiting longer between bites, but not as long as the bivvy boys on the main carp lake.
Stock Pond
Although this stock pond is out of bounds to fishing, it contains a good head of carp in the 2-5lb bracket with several doubles included. Lots of gold fish and several koi. We like to put the fish for future stocking into this pond to grow on and breed in stress free surroundings before being transfered to Kingfisher or Silver Birch lakes depending on the size and requirements.

Address: Butt Lane, Belton, NR31 9PY, Norfolk, United Kingdom

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