Lower Tamar

The Couch House, Sydenham Damerel, PL19 8PU, Devon, United Kingdom

Endsleigh Fishing Club has fishing on 9 miles - both banks - of the lower River Tamar below Greystone Bridge. The Tamar is the best salmon river in the South-West and Endsleigh has the best stretch of the Tamar. It forms exceptionally beautiful, prolific and secluded fishing. The salmon season commences on March 1st and ends on October 14th. The fishing is almost exclusively fly fishing and is divided into 6 Beats which are fished in rotation. There are 10 - 12 named pools on each beat, except Beat 6 which has additional tidal water. Before September 1st spinning may be allowed on Beats 1 to 5 if the river is unusually high with little visibility. With certain reservations spinning is allowed on Beat 6 until mid - September. In practice most fishers only spin when the water is totally unsuitable for fly. Prawn and worm are not permitted. In accordance with National Restrictions, all salmon caught before June 16th must be returned. Cars can be driven along the riverside track to almost all the pools. Much of the fishing is done from the bank or croys or by wading (chest waders are a distinct advantage in some pools). There are boats on four pools. Fly rods of 14-15 ft. are recommended with a sink tip line and nylon of 10-18 lbs. (14lbs being the usual). In low water some pools can be covered with a single handed rod of 10-11 ft. Suitable flies for high water are brass tubes 2"yellow, orange or black; for medium water - 11/2" brass tubes or Waddingtons; for low water - 1" brass tubes or nos. 8-10 shrimp flies or stoats tails. A large knotless mesh guy net is best.

Address: The Couch House, Sydenham Damerel, PL19 8PU, Devon, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.endsleigh-fishing-club.com

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