March 04, 2020

There are many interesting pike fishing spots in Yorkshire. So, if you are looking for a place to go pike fishing, but you are a bit clueless as of where to start. Then this article is for you, we have compiled a list of  10 great pike fishing spots across Yorkshire.

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1. Raygill Lakes – Lothersdale

Raygill Lakes is in the village of Lothersdale in North Yorkshire. The Lake is within walking distance of Colne, Skipton, and Keighley town. It has four lakes, two fly and two-coarse, but you are only allowed to fly fish for coarse species if you wish. Raygill Lake is one spot in the area where you can fish for pike. LIVE BAITS is not allowed, dead bait only (Sea Baits) no freshwater fish. Apart from some stubborn fish, the only thing that makes fishing this spot difficult is the limited space for backcasting. The Pike can weigh more than 18lb in this lake.


  • Dead bait only (No live baits).
  • Spinning/lure fishing is allowed.
  • No barbed hooks allowed (Barbless and semi barbless only).

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2. Oakland waters – East Yorkshire

This is a family run fishery in East Yorkshire; it comprises of four lakes on the complex, one of them being a predator lake. The predator lake has some enormous pike fish. The lake is approximately 3 acres in size with depths ranging from 5 to 16ft. Though other fishermen are restricted to some area, but Pike fishermen are not. They can freely fish around the whole lake as much as they like. One good thing about this lake is that their bait and accessories store just gets expanded to meet fishermen’s needs. The predator lake contains some massive pike of about 30lb. I have checked through the rules and it doesn’t say live baiting is prohibited.


  • Dead bait only (No live baits).
  • No Spinning Or Lure Fishing Allowed.
  • No Treble Hooks Allowed, Doubles Only.

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3. Selby 3 Lakes complex – North yorkshire

This is the first coarse and predator fishery in Selby, North Yorkshire. It is easily reachable from the A1M, M1 and M62 motorways. They are open to all fishermen. Both fisheries are peaceful and tree-lined; it has a lot of excellent features, such as islands, bars, and natural and overhangs margins. This lake is stock with large pikes. This lake has produced quality pike of about 27lb, When live baiting the bait fish must be caught on the day.


  • Wire traces and semi-barbed trebles must be used
  • Live baiting is allowed.

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4. Wykeham Lakes Fishery – Scarborough

This is another great spot for fishing pike; the lake is well stocked with pike with some of them reaching the magical 30lb mark!. It is also home to the current English record pike (46lb) however this fish lives in the syndicate lake. A fisheries warden is always available for advice and buying of tickets. You can also purchase your fishing bait and lures, like floating and sinking pellets, luncheon meat, sweetcorn, brown crumb, dead and live bait not banned in this Lake.

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5. Willows Lake – Methley

This gravel pit was originally established as an exclusive syndicate before being turned to daily ticket fishery in May 2013 to help finance other development projects in the region. The lake is about 25 acres in size and is located in the Lower Mexborough Estates area and is home to different varieties of wildlife. This lake has provided a perfect environment for pike other fish to grow, so it’s a great place to go if you are looking for a good day’s sport and to put a bend in your fishing rod. A single membership fee is required at a cost of £ 50, and this allows the member to fish any spot in the complex. The pike is going over the 20lb mark and live baits are strictly prohibited.

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6. Brandesburton No. 3 & 4 pond

This is among the Association’s most popular fisheries. Presently it contains a good number of pike fish with many of them weighing more than 20 pounds, with a record of more than 30 pounds. All the Association’s ponds in Brandsportton are protected with otter fences. Pike is a winter favorite in this pond when fishermen catch much fish in a day. Overall, Brandesburton 3 & 4 is an outstanding fishery that meets all fishermen’s needs. I have checked through the rules and it doesn’t say live baiting is prohibited.

7. Brickyard Pond

This is an old clay pit of approximately 8 acres, it is surrounded by trees. So, there is a solid bed of deposit over much of the bottom. Brickyard pond is divided in the center by a band of reeds, though fish can migrate between the two regions. Fish species here are pike and many others. Also, pike of more than 20 pounds has been caught in the past. Also, I have checked through the rules and it doesn’t say live baiting is not allowed.

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8. River Hull

This is a navigable river in East Yorkshire. It rises from a series of springs to the west of Driffield and goes through the Humber estuary in Kingston upon Hull. This is mainly winter fishery with quality roach fishing, particularly on the float when the fish shoal up near boats and weeds has been cut. Pike is the main species in this water. This is one of the best rivers for Pike fishing. A teenager who’s only been pike fishing two months became the envy of town when he lands 33lb pike, and live baiting is allowed on the venue.

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9. Dam flask

This Reservoir was built by the Sheffield Waterworks Company and today is owned by Yorkshire Water, which is part of the Kelda Group; the facility has been opened to different recreational groups. The Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University Rowing Clubs and the Sheffield Viking Rowing Club are the active members of the reservoir. It is also open to pike fishermen; naturally, its home to a lot of fishing legend, with the story of 40lb pike.

10. Brandsburton No 2

This mature 2 acre gravel pit has a good head of Pike and perch, some of the perch are currently over the 3lb mark. Permits required to fish (Standard Membership 5am – 10pm) & (B Class Night Permit 10pm – 5am)

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