Pike Fishing In Kent: Where To Find The Best Spots

July 29, 2022

Kent is a county in the southeast of England that offers some great pike fishing venues. If you’re looking to catch this elusive fish, read our top tips on where to go pike fishing in Kent. 

The river Medway and its tributaries offer some excellent opportunities for pike anglers, as does the Swale River. There are also plenty of smaller lakes and ponds where you can find pikes if you know where to look. So pack your tackle box and get ready to do some serious pike fishing in Kent!

7 Best Pike Fishing Spots in Kent

1. Brooklands Lake

Brooklands Lake is one of Kent’s premier pike fishing venues and has been producing some delicate fish over the years. The lake has 14 feet of depth and holds a good head of pike to over 30lbs, with the occasional fish pushing the 38lb mark. The lake is situated in a beautiful location and is well worth a visit.

The lake is open to members only and can be fished from dawn until dusk. You can become a member by contacting the Club Secretary.

You can park on either of the 3-sides of the lake, and there is a gate that controls access to the lake. The keyholder system ensures that only members can fish in the lake.


  • You can only use micro barbed hooks and barbless trebles – crushed bars are not allowed.
  • You must ensure that you have the correct unhooking aids with you, such as forceps or disgorgers.
  • Dead baiting and lure fishing are both allowed.

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2. Cottington Lakes

Cottington Lakes is a pike fishing paradise, with three different lakes to choose from. Lake Pepper is the largest of the three lakes, and is perfect for pike fishing. It started as a trout pond, but was turned into a pike fishery in recent years.

Christine’s Lake is a medium-sized lake, known for being very clear. It’s perfect for pike fishing, as you can see the fish swimming around. Most importantly, you don’t have to deal with any hassle since only six fishermen can go fishing at once.

Windsor Lake is the smallest of the three lakes, but don’t let that deceive you. It’s packed with a pike of over 20lbs and is perfect for a quiet day of fishing.


  • Usage of lures is not allowed.
  • Live bait or spinners cannot be used for pike fishing. You may use dead bait only.

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3. River Eden

River Eden is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a spot to do pike fishing in Kent. This river is home to a wide variety of fish, including pike, perch, chub, gudgeon, and carp. You can catch pikes of up to 24lbs if you’re lucky.

There are several different ways to fish for pike on the River Eden. One popular method is to use dead baits such as roach, herring, or mackerel. 


  • Unattended rods are not allowed.
  • Live bait is prohibited. Use dead bait only

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4. Abbey Meads

The best pike fishing spots are often associated with weedy areas as pikes like to ambush their prey. Abbey Meads is no different, with its abundance of weed beds and lily pads providing the perfect cover for pike.

Several different pike fishing methods can be successful at Abbey Meads. Spinning is a popular choice as it allows you to cover many ground and fish areas that other anglers may not think to fish. Dead baiting and luring are also effective methods and can produce some big pike that goes over 20lbs.

Its affordable membership and higher biomass make it an excellent choice for pike anglers. Mixed pike fishing also makes it a great choice for those new to pike fishing.


  • You can use a lure and do dead bait fishing.

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5. Darwell Reservoir

The reservoir comprises 150 acres of land and is stocked with various fish, including carp, perch, and pike (20lbs plus). The reservoir is also home to many ducks and geese.

Pike fishing is best in the winter months, from October to March, when the fish are at their peak. The best time of day to fish is early morning or late evening when the sun isn’t as intense.

To get to the reservoir, you need to access the CADAC car park off of the A21 and follow the track for about half a mile.

When conditions are not in your favor, you can also book an 18ft fishing boat as a member of the Darwell reservoir.


  • Always use a landing net that is the appropriate size for your target fish.
  • You can go pike fishing between Oct 1st to 14th Mar only.
  • Your line should be a minimum of 15lb mono or 40lb braid.
  • Use a minimum 18-inch wire trace.
  • You must use barbless or semi-barbed trebles.
  • Have forceps/unhooking equipment ready.
  • Use a 42inch net and large unhooking mat.

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6. Weir Wood Carp and Coarse Fishery

Weir Wood Carp and Coarse Fishery is a 280-acre water land – located in the heart of Kent and offers some of the best pike fishing in Kent. The fishery is well stocked with pike, carp, and other coarse fish, and the lakes are regularly maintained to ensure good fishing conditions.


  • None can be found

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7. Buckshole Reservoir

Buckshole Reservoir is a great place to fish for Pike as it offers depths down to 16 feet, making it ideal for those who want to fish for deeper-dwelling Pike. The reservoir is also home to a variety of other fish, making it an excellent spot for those who want to try their hand at different types of fishing.

The reservoir is a part of the Alexandra Park and is a beautiful spot to relax in between catches, with its picturesque gardens and lake views. There is also a café onsite, making it the perfect place to spend a day fishing.

If you’re a night owl, you’ll be pleased to know that Buckshole Reservoir is also open for night fishing.


  • Live bait is not allowed.
  • Only RFA members can go pike and perch fishing.
  • When using lures and baits – barbless hooks should be used.

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