Radwell Complex

Moor End Lane, Radwell, MK43 7, Beds, United Kingdom

Radwell and Sharnbrook Complex has 6 gravel pits ranging from 1 acre to 26 acres in size. The pits are fairly similar in fish species, carp to 35lbs, tench to 14lbs, bream to 16lbs, perch to 4lbs, pike to 18lbs plus the usual silvers. Pit 1 big tench and bream with around 10 carp over 20lbs. Pit 2 is similar to 1, tench a little smaller, bream are bigger and carp go to 30lbs. Pit 3 is weedy but has very good tench and carp to 25lbs. Pit 4 is for the specimen angler who is looking to catch one really good fish. Carp to 40lbs, tench to 14lbs, bream to 16lbs. VERY difficult! Pit 4A is a small square pit, some carp to 18lbs and tench to 8lbs, Vauxhall is looking to restock very soon. Pit 5 is about 1 acre and is the deepest pit on the complex at 10 ft. A few bream in here to 8lbs and a handful of carp to 20lbs. Again due for restocking (we put 700 tench in here, only a couple ever caught!) Pit 6 is the old gravel washing pit and is quite shallow, carp to 20lbs and bream to 8lbs here also. The river at Radwell and Sharnbrook is home to some monster chub 7lb+ and barbel 18lb. Perch show to 4lb and dace to 12ozs.

Carp to 10lbs
Pike to 20lbs
Perch to 4lbs
Chub to over 7

Address: Moor End Lane, Radwell, MK43 7, Beds, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.vauxhallanglingclub.co.uk/

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Anonymous - 23rd Nov 2018 at 3:59pm

Whats the method of access to the lakes and is it on a ticket or syndicate and if so whats the price ?

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