yaddlethorpe ponds

Scotter Rd S, Scunthorpe DN17 2BU

members fishing complex

scunthorpe amalgamated angling rules.
1.all members must hold a current rod licence.

2.members are duty bound to check other members permits to stop unauthorised fishing.

3.members shall produce membership books to any club bailiff,other member,environment agency officer,police officer or any fishery owner or agent.

4.members may be accompanied at any pisces fishery by any guest named on their permit.

5.guests of members must be either their partner or spouse or a child/young person under 18 whom you have a degree of parental responsibility.

6.all guests must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult who is responsible for their care.

7.night fishing is only allowed at permitted venues.

8.no overnight camping is allowed except at a club organised event.

9.no fires are allowed except for authorised maintenance.

10.barbless hooks must be used at all times with the exception of semi barbed for mounting dead bait.

11.no livebaiting.

12.no nut baits of any kind.

13.dogs are not allowed on any of our fisheries.

14.keepnets must not be used below the weir at ladypit farm or at any venue where the committee has imposed such a ban.

15.all fish caught must be returned safely and unharmed to the water.

16.no fish are to be killed or removed from any pisces water.

17.vehicles are to be parked with due regard for others access.

18.all gates must be locked and the combination scrambled upon entering or leaving the fishery.

19.the club accepts no responsibility for theft or damage from any vehicle parked at the fishery and any vehicle parked at a venue is entirely at the owners risk.

20.anglers are only allowed to fish from one designated peg.

21.a maximum of two rods is allowed and no more than three meters apart.

22.the committee has the right to ban keepnets at any venue where there use is causing problems,appropriate signs will be displayed at any relevant fisheries.


1.no drugs or alcohol.

2. no under 18's unless accompanied by an adult.

3.no fish to be moved between ponds.

4.absolutely no litter is to be left.

5.currently only the match pond,oasis and the north pond are open for fishing.

6. unhooking mats must be used.

7.no cycling.

8.no keepnets.

Address: Scotter Rd S, Scunthorpe DN17 2BU
Website: http://www.yaddlethorpeponds.co.uk/

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Fishery questions


Tamanna - 9th Aug 2021 at 11:23am

Can you tell me the price for membership please


matthew - 21st Aug 2020 at 10:57am

hi can you tell me how much is a yearly ticket and the distance from Gainsborough to Yaddlethorpe ponds


Kevin dunderdale - 21st Mar 2019 at 11:55pm

What age does senior membership begin

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