Dovecote Lake

Church Lane, Little Linford, MK19 7EB, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Dovecote Lake is a large lake located near Little Linford, Milton Keynes. This 60 acre lake reaches depths from 2 to 20 feet and offers over a 100 swims. Two main bays are perfect surface fishing areas on hot sunny days. The bottom varies with gravel, oxygen weed and silt. There is also a large island which houses overhanging trees, and bushes and reeds line some of the lake too. The lake holds an exceptional head of carp; during the 1998/99 season 700 carp to upper double were introduced into the water, alongside the original head of carp which range from low doubles to upper 30's. The lake best is a 37½ lb common. Security is no problem at Dovecote, you can park your car in your swim behind bushes and trees around the lake. Each Syndicate member has a security key, so no public, the lake is very private.

Address: Church Lane, Little Linford, MK19 7EB, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Phone: 07971 273096

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