Painswick Park

Hilary Road & Selstead Road, Wythenshawe, M22 1, Manchester, United Kingdom

Painswick Park Lake, as its name implies is situated within Painswick Park. A popular venue for  club members and those anglers fishing on a day ticket, this water is the clubs busiest water. Varying in depth from one and a half feet to  three foot deep this water contains a large stock of fish, including large shoal’s of bream and crucian carp, double figure match and pleasure nets are not uncommon especially in the summer. All baits work on this water from maggot to pellet whether pole, float or feeder fishing. All in all a great place for a days fishing. Painswick park lies between Painswick Road and Selsted Road/Bailey Lane, and the main car park entrance is at the rear of the park on Outwood Road. Best pegs are those between 13 and 18 on the car park side of the Lake and those in the middle 20’s on the opposite bank.

Address: Hilary Road & Selstead Road, Wythenshawe, M22 1, Manchester, United Kingdom

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Fishery questions


Holly - 12nd Jul 2019 at 4:38pm

Do I need a license to fish here? And do they rent rods?

Mark - replied on 25th Jan 2021 at 4:22pm

You need license to fish anywhere inland, and it's purely a large duck pond these days. No bailiff no hut


Anonymous - 27th Sep 2018 at 7:50am

Could you tell me how to obtain a day ticket to fish the lake please

Mark Maguire - replied on 25th Jan 2021 at 4:21pm

It's dead, no club on there the lake was netted 10 years ago for repairs to the island. It's never been the same since then, some small silver fish but nothing to be proud about. Carp are too few in a large area, but like I said it was netted and I cant be sure if they were returned.

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ollie - Reviewed 18th May 2022 at 9:12pm

fished here for 3 years only caght a tiny fish not good for little fish hardly see fish full of rats turtules and ducks

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Mark - Reviewed 25th Jan 2021 at 4:27pm

Nice to visit to feed the geese, I've only seen crucian come out during the 90s, it's a perch lake these days. Silver fish went after it was netted 10 years back, they never returned. Then our favourite EU workers started to eat the carp so it's never been the same as when Paul's Tackle shop had the rights. Not seen a match for ages

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