Henlow Lakes & Riverside Ltd

Bridge End Road, Henlow SG16 6LN

The lakes are surrounded by a mature conservation landscaping design that, in addition to providing a habitat for animals, provides an attractive rural backdrop with wind protection for fishermen. Individual swims are offered for anglers, including singles and doubles. Additionally, special easy access facilities for less able individuals are provided.

We have just completed our winter upgrades, which included the removal of several overhanging trees to improve water quality, casting ability, and trash control.

The lakes and riverfront provide a fishing facility suited for all ages and appeal to recreational fishermen who prefer to practice their sport in the midst of rural surroundings. The lakes and riverbank feature a vehicle lot and facilities located near many swim areas.

Except during Summer Bank Holidays, all lakes are open for matches, charity events, special needs groups, and corporate days. At any one moment, only one lake is open for match fishing.

The Lakes were established in 2002 and are located near the River Hiz, which is particularly popular with fisherman. Jordan's Lake is 4.9 acres in size and features two center islands. Stocked primarily with Carp (up to 25-30lbs) and Tench (to 5lbs). To date, the best catch is 190 pounds in a single day session.

Vincent's Lake is a 1.55-acre property with various intriguing features. Stocked entirely with natural species, including Rudd, Roach, Bream, Gudgeon, Crucian, Common, and Mirror Carp up to 15lbs. The lake features eight solo (disabled) and eight double swims. To date, the greatest catch was 101 pounds of fish in a four-hour match session.

The River Hiz is a 1067-metre-long riverbed that features unique shallow and deep water portions. Although not often fished, this lake has Roach, Chubb, Perch (up to 2.5 pounds), and Pike to 12 pounds (caught). A genuine obstacle for the pioneering river angler. The closing season for coarse fish (including pike) in England and Wales is between March 15th and June 15th inclusive.

Roger's canal lake features sixteen swims created exclusively for fishermen with limited mobility who require simple walking or wheelchair access and are excellent for pole, rod, or'short' ledger fishing. Each swim features a double platform with safety rails, as well as a handicapped WC and wet room located within 40 metres of the farthest swim (in Hayward's Amenity Block). The lake is supplied with indigenous species such as crucian, chubb, rudd, roach, bream, gudgeon, and perch that range in size from yearly spawning to ten pounds.

Younger's Lake features nine double platforms designed specifically for younger anglers who may require training or supervision. Supervisors can park nearby.

Carp up to 30lb
Tench up to 5lb

Address: Bridge End Road, Henlow SG16 6LN
Website: http://www.henlowbridgelakes.co.uk/

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