Brenkley Pond

Seaton Burn, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 6, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Brenkley is an attractive pond of around 2 acres and whatever the time of year you just never know what you are going to catch, a few small roach and perch then a solid fish. Carp usually. A few small roach and gudgeon then a bream or tench. There is are features to fish to, and loads of bankside cover in the summer months, which means that on alot of the pegs fish can be caught right under the rod tip, so fishing the margins, very close, in the summer months will result in some interesting catches.

The water is always highly coloured, so there is very little weed problems and has shallow and deep areas to it.

There are 28 pegs in total and most are easily accessed by able bodied and disabled anglers. There are ten pegs designed specifically for ease of use by disabled and wheelchair bound anglers.
There is a wide variety of species in Brenkley. There are Carp to over double figures, roach, rudd, orfe, perch, bream, gudgeon, tench and crucians.

All methods seem to work. i.e Pole, Waggler, Swim feeder and surface baits. Groundbaiting is banned, as are any form of nuts and boillies.

Address: Seaton Burn, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 6, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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