A1 Pits - South Muskham Fisheries

Church Lane, South Muskham, NG23 6EQ, Notts, United Kingdom

A1 Pits - South Muskham Fishery is a coarse fishing venue located in Nottinghamshire. The venue comprises six lakes, ranging in size and an exclusive scenic stretch of the River Trent. There is ample parking available.Pit One is the smallest of the six pits and an idea starting ground for beginners, coarse fishermen or introducing your children or loved ones to the wonderful world of fishing.It has a small number of pegs but more area is going to be cleared in the warmer weather to introduce additional pegs.This pit now contains Carp and Pike into or just under the 20lb mark, pike, Perch, Bream, Roach, and Tench the biggest to date being just over 11lb, the depths of this pit go to around 20ft.This is the only one of the six pits that allows the use of keepnets. Please note no carp to be kept in keepnets.Pit Two is second in line and has ten pegs, contains Carp to 26lb mainly low doubles, Tench, some substantial Roach, Pike up to 16lb and Perch.In November 2008 this pit had the additional stock of a further 150 plus Carp added around 8lb each this was done mainly as a stepping stone for newer fishermen and those new to Carp fishing in general.There is a 2k bait maximum and no nuts of any kind enforced on this pit along with the no keepnets rule.Pit Three is the third of the six pits and holds Carp around the 30lb mark, Bream, Pike and a good head of Tench.This pit has also been restocked with over 500 stockies which now go into double figure this is not including all the original stock which now go well into the 30+ mark.Pit Four contains Carp to 35lb+, Bream in excess of 14lb and Tench in double figures.Depths go up to 23ft in places and there are also very deep margins, the middle of the lake is around 19ft, it has around 15 pegs and is virtually flat, there are few features nearer the railway bank end of the lake.The minimum line limit is 12lb and the no keepnet rule applies and is enforced on this pit.Pit Five holds the biggest fish to come out of the complex to date twotone which graced the shore at it's heaviest weight of over 41lb this pit also contains Bream to double figures, Tench, Perch and some of the biggest Pike on the complex the biggest to date being 37lb.The minimum line is 12lb and the only bait restrictions at this point in time is peanuts, there are no keepnets allowed and it has in excess of 20 pegs.There are a lot of features in this pit so a marker is a must to find those features.Pit Six the final pit on the complex is the biggest with depths ranging from a few feet to around 25ft in no fish corner. The main features in this pit are the two main gravel bars which run from the railway bank to the a1, there are other features to be found in there from silt patches to gravel bars and during summer it can contain a lot of weed in places.There are around 30 pegs including double pegs and with pit 5 this is considered a specimen lake with the biggest fish in the whole complex both with Carp to just under 40lb and could even possibly hold Carp to over 40lb, it also contains Pike, it still has a few bream left from it being drained and netted and moved into pit 4, it contains Chub to over 7lb, Perch to around the 4lb mark and the odd silver fish.The minimum line is again 12lb and bait restriction are no peanuts, this pit does not allow the use of keepnets.

Carp to over 40lb
Pike up to 16lb
Chub to over 7lb

Address: Church Lane, South Muskham, NG23 6EQ, Notts, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.a1pits.co.uk

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Dan - Reviewed 4th Jun 2022 at 7:56am

For the money they charge should have a toilet in condition and bins provided and the man on charge very arrogant and racist

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An experienced Angler - Reviewed 3rd Jun 2022 at 6:26am

A1 PITS.... all I can say is.... unless you have ALL the GEAR for CARP fishing ONLY!!! DO NOT BOTHER!!! Great info on there website... Good description of all the lakes, extensive list of rules but states nothing about being for CARP fishing only!!! Lake 1 states great for beginners because has a variety of fish and smaller carp, ideal for the type of fishing we like to do...but NO!... We were asked to leave for not having CARP fishing gear ONLY! I thought fishing was about enjoying trying to catch a variety of fish not just sticking your rods in the water in the vain hope that the fish come to you!!! So thank you for asking us to leave... we had a great day fishing elsewhere catching several fish.... and a beautiful 27lb CARP and all on our so called simple fishing gear!! Thats what 40 years experience is all about!! What a clicky unfriendly bunch you are!!

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