Beeches Pool

Winsford, Northwich, CW7 2, Cheshire, United Kingdom

This still water is one of the oldest in the town of Winsford. Over a hundred years ago it was known as the Floods and lay at the lowest point of a number of farmers fields, the water from these fields flowed into the natural hollow and the lake was formed. However where the name "The Ocean" comes from no-one has any idea.If you do we would love to know! The lake has been a WDAA water for as long as anyone can remember, bar a couple of years when it was a syndicate water. King carp were stocked into the lake in 1963. These fish were bought from fisheries in the South of England and Belgium and arrived in bags at Winsford train station. Over the years the fish bred like mad and the smaller carp wereused to stock all the other Winsford waters. So just about every carp in lakes (except a few in Top Flash - although most of them will have bred with Ocean stock fish) is a direct descendant of the original stocking of the Ocean 41 years ago. As we have said the water now lies in the middle of a busy municipal golf course (we lease the Ocean from the Council). Because of this a number of areas are out of bounds to fishermen. These areas are adjacent to fairways and are well within range of a 3 iron. Therefore to prevent any accidents do not fish in these areas.The water contains rudd, roach and of course loads of small carp.This can be a very popular venue at times, so consequentially a special permit must be obtained in advance go prevent overcrowding.

Address: Winsford, Northwich, CW7 2, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Benjamin - 18th Sep 2020 at 2:07pm

Does anyone own this lake. Is it private fishing or can anyone come and fish it?

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