Cheddar Reservoir

Cheddar Reservoir, Bath Street, Cheddar, BS27 3LT, Somerset, United Kingdom

Cheddar reservoir was constructed in the 1930s to make better use of the water from the springs in Cheddar Gorge, which had first been used as a source in 1922. The lake has a capacity of 6 million cubic meters (1,350 million gallons). Some of the water from the reservoir is pumped to Bristol for treatment at the Barrow Treatment works with the rest being treated at the Cheddar works to supply the surrounding area. In 1947 it became the first supply reservoir in Britain used for sailing. Since then, other recreational activities have been developed like coarse fishing and wind-surfing.
Whilst the path/road around Cheddar Reservoir is not a Public Footpath, Bristol Water does permit access for people to walk the perimeter. We ask that dogs are kept on a lead and that all rubbish and dog waste is taken from the site. The eastern half of the reservoir – the part that runs to the sailing club – is hard standing. The other half is gravel based.
Cheddar Reservoir holds some really big fish. Tench average 6lb recent reports of double figures, up to 30lb pike, up to 2lb plus perch and shoals and shoals of quality roach. This water is very clear, so the best way to get among the lumps is long cast straight lead or feeder. Top baits for tench are corn, worm and luncheon meat. For the perch worms and maggots and maggots for the roach. There are brick towers coming out of the water about 50 yards from the bank and these seem to attract the perch, a line cast next to them usually gives good sport with these great fighting fish.
Due to the nature of the concrete stepped banks, the site is not disabled friendly. Fishing times are from dawn - dusk. As long as its light you can fish. The water is open all year.

Address: Cheddar Reservoir, Bath Street, Cheddar, BS27 3LT, Somerset, United Kingdom

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