Frensham Trout Fishery @ Robinswood

Simmondstone Lane, Churt, GU10 2HT, Surrey, United Kingdom

Robinswood (Frensham Trout Fishery) with its 6 lakes situated on the Surrey/Hampshire borders, in a wooded valley, well away from the hustle & bustle. Drive along the winding track for 1/4 mile - you first come to Kingfisher Lake (where kingfishers abound). The waterfall tumbles into Whitmore Vale Stream (full of wild brownies). Continue on 200 yards up into the car park adjacent to 'The Nest' (wooden clubhouse) with a vista of Robins Lake, some 2 acres of crystal clear water.

Address: Simmondstone Lane, Churt, GU10 2HT, Surrey, United Kingdom

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BETTY WHITE - 17th Jan 2021 at 3:51pm

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Ivor Morgan - Reviewed 27th Feb 2022 at 3:14pm

A very unpleasant experience I've fished many times at Robinswood before the pandemic and always enjoyed the location. When my son called me to say that he'd like to learn to fly fish, my first thought was to take him to Robinswood. So I booked for him and on the booking form explained that he would be fishing and I would be teaching him, hence I only ticket would be booked. I received no email other than the confirmation that I had paid. The confirmation repeated the information that I would be there to teach. My son arrived first and was signed in by a chap called Matthew. My son explained he was waiting for me as I was teaching him and Matthew said that was fine they were expecting us. I arrived and helped my son to setup his rod, tie in a leader and tippet and tie in a fly. We went down to the bank and I started to teach my son how to cast. In the process I demonstrated the process once and then let him take over. After about 20 minutes of casting practice Matthew comes up and accuses us of rod sharing. He also claimed, falsely, that he'd spoken to me previously about rod sharing and given me 30-minutes to leave. This is the first time I'd ever seen him. I tried to explain to him that I was trying to teach my son, but he kept on about rod sharing. I asked to speak to his manager and eventually tried to call her on her mobile which she did not answer. When Matthew got hold of Jillian and put her on to me it was clear that she was not interested in listening to anything I had to say. She claimed that there was information on her site about not allowing guides (there isn't) due to Covid restrictions (this is post restriction, and there isn't any info on her site about Covid) and that the only way she'd let me stay was if I paid £45 for a ticket even though I had no tackle of my own, with me! Matthew then offered to let us stay for an hour! If I was rod sharing and breaking the rules, why would he do that? However, by this time my son and I were so pissed off with his and Jillian's pig-headed attitude that I decided to leave. This was supposed to be a great father and son day out. It was totally ruined by Matthew and Jillian's attitude, making rules up on the spur of the moment and blind refusal to listen to any explanations. We were on the site for about 45 minutes total; I spent longer driving there! If you want a great day fishing or if you are a father who wants to teach his child to fish can I suggest Albury Estate. It's 35 minutes up the road from Frensham, £14 for the day plus £23 for two fish tokens which you can keep if you blank (£38 total v Gillian's £45) and the staff are actually interested in encouraging people into the sport. I'll never go back to Robinswood, and I recommend that you never go there. I've spoken with a few fishing buddies and let them know. P.S. I've given it one star because you can't post without picking at least one; in fact it deserves none.

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