Willinghurst Fishery

Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom

Willinghurst Fisheries has 11 well stocked lakes. The stocks are mostly carp, roach, rudd and tench, but there are also a variety of others to be had. With competitions run throughout the year, Willinghurst Fisheries aims to provide both match and pleasure anglers of all ages an ideal venue to unwind and enjoy a good day's fishing. These lakes are spread over a 650 acre estate with several access roads depending on which lakes you want to fish. This relaxed, peaceful venue coupled with the well managed and stocked lakes make Willinghurst fishery an excellent venue. There are only two real rules at these lake and that's "barbless hooks only", and no floating baits, but that shouldn't come as a big surprise to most of you. Most of the lakes contain a big head of carp, roach and rudd, so this is a real big bait venue, with corn, meat, paste, banded pellet, or worm all being successful on the right day. Hemp and pellet make an excellent feed. Favourite methods seen are pole, running line down the edge or the method feeder. Very long poles aren't necessary here - 11 metres maximum - with 5 or 6 metres being ideal. As with most day ticket carp fisheries, the big fish come into the bank as the days wears on, and late afternoon/evening is the best time for catching a big carp in close.

Address: Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.willinghurstfishery.co.uk

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