Frant Lakes

B2169, Frant Lakes, Hawkenbury Road, Bells Yew Green, TN3 9, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Frant Lakes consist of eight quality coarse fishing lakes which are set on the Kent/Sussex border in 200 acres of parkland. Each of the eight lakes are surrounded by mature trees. Frant Lakes offer both day and night fishing all year round featuring mature English carp 30lb+, perch to 5lb+ as well as bream, roach, chubb, dace and barbell. This fishery also features a stretch of the River Teise running through the complex. The largest of the six lakes (Lakes 3 and 4) on the main part of the site, these are actually one lake divided by a causeway and wooden bridge. They are classed as two lakes, although they share the same water and the fish can swim freely under the bridge, they don’t. Anglers that fish here on regular basis confirm that fish keep to their own side of the bridge and do not venture to the other side. Lake 5 Waterfall is favourite to many of the regulars and it is one of the smallest lakes, but it’s high stocking density makes it the easiest to fish. If you are new to fishing, you need a confidence boost or, like one or two of our Baliffs, you just fancy a relaxing, easy day’s fishing-choose Lake 5. Lake 2 Stumps is pretty shallow (1 metre in places) and is sotcked with the most of the “pretty” fish. All the ‘ghosties’, the golden orfe, and the koi derivatives are stocked. Lending itself to surface fishing during the summer it can also accommodate larger bivies on it’s wide grass bank. Lakes 1 and 6 (Skirmish & Horseshoe) are two match lakes which are situated on the quiet side of the complex. As well as a good head of silver fish, they also contain common carp to 20lb, and in the case of Lake 1, a beautiful jet black 18lb example the most unusual fish you’ll ever see. Lake 7 and 8 (The Specimens) holds the biggest carp. Set on their own away from the main lakes, you have to be over 18 to fish these waters. Teise runs down beside both the lakes and can offer some exciting ‘real’ fishing for those who like the wild fish, as well as some sport when fish on the lakes are not feeding. Both the specimen lakes feature heavily snagged spines through their centres, this offers protection for the fish from Cormorants but poses a challenge to anglers. Fish too close to the snags and be too slow on your rods and your quarry will turn and snag you up in a second. New anglers to this part of the complex should stick to the margins or only halfway between the banks and the snags. In the summer surface fishing is the safer way to go. But if you like a challenge, these are the lakes to fish. If, on the other hand you want to sleep in your bivvie and rely on your optics, you might be better off elsewhere on the complex.

Carp to 35lb
Perch to 5lb

Address: B2169, Frant Lakes, Hawkenbury Road, Bells Yew Green, TN3 9, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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