Moor Hall Lakes

Whydown Rd, Ninfield, Ninfield, TN33 9, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Two picturesque lakes called Moor Hall Pools are located on a peaceful property in the sleepy town of Ninfield. The pools' fantastic vistas of the surrounding countryside are somewhat marred by electricity pylons, however. The lower lake is somewhat bigger than the upper pool (above shot), which is roughly an acre in size. Tench to 5 lbs., roach and rudd to 1 lbs. 8 oz., perch to 4 lbs., and some stunning mirror and common carp to 26 lbs. are also kept in the pools between them.

Anglers often remark on how well-kept the fish are in the pools, which have all been subjected to health inspections. The majority of the year, Moor Hall Pools provides day tickets for fishing, with the exception of its shut season from May 1 through June 15.

The upper pool, also called Moor Hall Pond, is a little, meandering-shaped pond with a diameter of roughly an acre. A total of 15 flat, grass-banked swims look out over the pond from the waters' banks, which are covered with a lot of reeds. The pool ranges in depth from 8 to 10 feet. Maggots, casters, and boilies are effective baits that local fishermen employ for match fish and bigger carp, respectively.

The bottom pool, sometimes called Moor Hall Lake, is a circular lake with a surface area of around 2 acres. With the exception of a few sporadic reed patches, the water is essentially featureless. The lake's centre has a depth of up to 10 to 12 feet. There are perhaps 20–25 flat, grassy banked swims that are accessible to fishermen with disabilities. For match fish and boilies for carp, effective baits include maggots and casters.

There are a few more fish in the lower reservoir than the upper reservoir. Almost any kind of fishing will work effectively on the bottom of Clive Vale Reservoir. Float fishing with maggots, sweetcorn, and luncheon meat in the margins for carp, roach, rudd, gudgeon, eels, and perch are two popular methods. Ledging luncheon meat for a mixed bag of carp, bream, and tench is another.

Day ticket
Carp up to 26lb
Tench up to 5lbs
Pike up to 5lb
Perch up to 4lb

Address: Whydown Rd, Ninfield, Ninfield, TN33 9, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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