Buzzers Pond

Ings Lane, Kirkby Moorside, YO62 6, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Buzzers pond is a small new pond just opened in 2010. Ideal for a day out very, friendly people.The pond contains Roach to 2lb, Rudd to 1 1/2lb, Perch to 2lb plus, skimmers to 2lb. Small Tench, nice Gold Fish, Orfes and Carp to 7lb. Most bait catch because it’s a new pond and hasn’t been over fished. Maggots, bread, corn, meat pellets.

Carp to 7lb
Perch to 2lb

Address: Ings Lane, Kirkby Moorside, YO62 6, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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Colin green - 21st Jun 2021 at 7:02pm

Can you tell me how much it is to fish a day


john gibbs - 5th Jul 2020 at 5:15pm

how much is a concession ticket here

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Andrew Hutchinson - Reviewed 26th Jun 2022 at 1:09pm

My first year 2022 fishing here, things have grown a lot from the bare picture, there are no pegs as such, if you fancy somewhere and small trees arnt in your way, set up. first couple of times I didnt fare too well, 3rd time landed in excess of 38 fish, carp, crucians, Roach, last week I did even better, 48 total, got a hard fighting 2llb Barbal. Maggots catch anything, but pestered with smaller fish, spam can catch, but I mainly use pellets, F1 sweet, but last week out of the 48, 42 took a liking to garlic and cheese flavour. there is toilets on site, the owners are most friendly, I shall deff be returning.

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