Kingfisher Lake (Pit 4)

Lakeside Park Drive, Reydon, IP18 6, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Pit 1 - Sherwood WaterIs a mixed fishery with 27 pegs and contains Tench to 6lb, Carp to 20lb+ and a good head of Roach, Rudd and Crucian Carp as well as a few specimen Bream. Depths vary from 3-4 ft to 12ft.Pit 2 - Kingfisher LakeIs a mixed fishery with 15 pegs. It contains Tench and Carp to over 20lb. There are also plenty of Roach, Rudd and Bream, with the occasional eel. This is the Clubs deepest water with an average depth of around 12ft and depths varying from 6ft in the margins to over 20ft in the centre.Pit 3 - Paisley's PondThe smallest pit containing silver fish and in November 2011 received 2 stockings of tench and crucians to complement the high numbers of silver fish already present, and these are helping develop the lake into an easy water, suitable for pleasure anglers, matches and juniors. This is a fairly shallow pit with depths varying from about 2ft to 3ft. There are 14 swims.Pit 4 - Denny LakeThis is the clubs main Carp water, although there are silverfish species present. The water was re-stocked with 4-6lb carp in November 2011 to complement the remaining stock of doubles. There are 13 pegs. The pit has an island in its centre and large areas of lily pads down its centre. Depths vary from about 4-6ft.Buss CreekBuss Creek is a long narrow water. The Creek features disabled pegs at the Southwold end. Depths average 3-5 feet and the water holds large Bream and Tench plus Roach, Rudd and Perch.

Carp to over 20lb
Tench to 6lb

Address: Lakeside Park Drive, Reydon, IP18 6, Suffolk, United Kingdom

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