Huddersfield Canal

Marsden Lane, Huddersfield, HD7 5, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Sparth Reservoir is controlled by the Slaithwaite and District Angling Club and is situated alongside the canal. The water is fairly uniform throughout and the best fishing is found by following the wind. It is in a very popular walking spot and you can get pestered a bit if you sit in the wrong spot. As it’s names suggests it is a reservoir, so there are no facilities to speak of, and access for disabled anglers is not favourable.
The main approach here tends to be the feeder and tip approach, and the target fish are the bream (5lb), roach (1 1/2 lb) and perch (2lb). The water also contains pike, but these do tend to be ignored somewhat in favour of Hilltop Reservoir.
By fishing light you will guarantee bites most of the day, use loads of chopped worms to keep the fish in the swim, and waggler or pole (held high) work best.

Address: Marsden Lane, Huddersfield, HD7 5, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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