Lenwade Lakes

Common lane, Lenwade, NR9 5, Norfolk, United Kingdom

The 'Main lake,' also known as Church lakes, is the largest of the three lakes at the fishery, spanning 5.7 acres. It was formerly home to Norfolk's largest carp, 'Baby Face,' who weighed a remarkable 53.10.

The prospect of catching this fish lured many anglers to the fishery, and the lake is still the major focus for carp fishing at Charity Lakes today due to the high quality of the fishing and the excellent condition of our carp.

This tree-lined lake contains a tiny center island and many gravel features, as well as depths varying from 9 feet to about twenty feet. Fishing is prohibited in a shallow keyhole bay, although carp may be observed in great numbers here during spawning season. During the summer months, the lake can be weedy in the shallower portions, however the weed is essential to the lake's success in providing good water quality and invertebrate life, which helps the fish achieve amazing growth characteristics.

The lake now has a significant stock of gorgeous thirties and produces additional carp to 45lbs, with plenty of others in the high twenties, thanks to our stocking program. Our future stocking program will be focused on this lake, with high-quality fish weighing in the double digits being supplied in the coming seasons.

The main lake is not well known for tench fishing and has managed to keep its secrets for far too long, yet it produces monster tench every season and has recently produced tench up to 12.12lb, with many others approaching double figures. Tench of this caliber are gaining popularity among fishermen, and we anticipate to see more of them, as well as some nice bream up to 16 pounds, brought to the net. Pike flourish in the lake as well, with one fish weighing in at 30.08 pounds captured in December 2012 and others in the mid-twenties.

Anglers seeking good quality tench fishing flock to the Tench Lake, which is around four acres in size.
The well stocked lake may provide significant catches of tench in the 5-6 pound bracket, as well as lots of fish 7-9 pound and fish reaching double figures on rare occasions.

With its willow-clad island, this tree-lined lake is exceedingly scenic, and it provides pleasant fishing from over fourteen swims.
During the summer months, it is weedy, with good water quality and abundant invertebrate life. On the lake, careful bait placement is crucial, but don't overlook the margins; many of the fish are taken right beneath your rod tip.

The lake is home to some magnificent carp, including a gorgeous black mirror weighing in at over 40 pounds, as well as mirrors weighing in at 35 pounds. The lake stands out as a large fishery deserving of attention. Several mid-twenties and upper-doubles join ghost carp to 32 pounds and grass carp to 39 pounds. With the addition of a modest importation of giant common carp in March 2015 and a magnificent scaly mirror in 2019, these fish will develop swiftly in this rich environment and will soon be in their mid-twenties, adding to the lake's diversity of species.
In the winter, pike fishing on this lake may provide fish weighing up to 24 pounds.

These magnificent dark green fish draw fishermen from all over the nation, not only for the enormous catches that may be had, but also for the enjoyment of catching excellent tench in delightful tranquil settings, employing sophisticated bite alarm methods or simply a simple float in the margins.

Long Lake is a 2.5-acre long, narrow lake with tree-lined bays, overhanging branches, and reed-lined edges, ideal for stalking a wary carp or margin fishing for premium tench.

The lake is ideal for fishing, with a variety of swims to select from.

The majority of the lake is between eight and twelve feet deep, and it is quite clean for the most of the year. During the summer, large areas of lilies appear, especially at the far end of the fishery.

This lake is highly stocked with tench in the 3-5 pound range, but it also produces tench to 9+ pound, shoals of bream in the double digits, and some really remarkable carp in the mid-twenties every season. This lake is being developed exclusively for traditional tench fishing. From the 2013 season onwards, this lake can be fished on either our complete permit or a separate permit. Every season, a limited number of these licenses are available. For more information, see our membership page.

Carp over 50lb

Address: Common lane, Lenwade, NR9 5, Norfolk, United Kingdom

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