Railway Pit

Brighouse, HD6 2SP, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The Gravel Pits is always a very popular with anglers and has much to offer. It covers both banks of the river from the weir down stream. The right bank (looking down stream from the weir) is from the weir all the way to the old abandoned flood lock next to the railway embankment (1000 yards). We also have the left bank down from the weir all the way to the flood lock next to Brookfoot lake (1850 yards). Access is from the carpark next to the canal at Cromwell House and there are two bridges in which to cross the river to the far bank, one upstream and one a couple of hundred yards down stream. The top part of the length starts with the weir and passes through fast water passing under the footbridge and into deeper steadier run. The water shallows up round the corner just before the second footbridge again running into deeper steadier water. The steep uneven banks produce quite a few deep eddies down towards the railway embankment. The river turns towards Brighouse and straightens out into a steady shallow run for about 750 yards to the Old Brookfoot Canal Flood Lock. Access can be made to the bottom of the length via the road next to the Avocet Warehouse (old Kossets Carpets). The main species are grayling, brown trout, chub and the odd pike. Barbel have been stocked into the length in the 1990's and also in recent years, but they only show up very rarely. It is thought that the original stocking of barbel in the 1990's are the fish which are now caught all down the Calder to Wakefield.

Address: Brighouse, HD6 2SP, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.bradfordno1.com

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Antony Strafford - 1st Feb 2021 at 5:00pm

I would like to know how much it is to fish this venue and also if there is any night fishing. Thanks

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