Westfield Farm

Fitling Lane, Fitling, HU12 9AL, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Westfield Lakeland Park is a privately - owned fishery on the East Yorkshire coast. Westfield park is a super commercial water that's fully equipped with Scandinavian-style log cabin holiday homes. There are 3 lakes on this complex to fish, with Lake 1 flanked on one side by the holiday cottages, which are well equipped and clean. The banks are flat, well kept with fishing from wooden platforms, making the waters suitable for anglers with disabilities. There are onsite toilets, good parking and also a cafe. Being quite near the coast and on a flat piece of land, the wind does whip through and can make fishing uncomfortable. Lake 1 covers a little over an acre and is a long thin stretch of water with fishing from both sides, with the pegs staggered so you are not directly opposite another angler on the far bank. Depths between 4 ft and 6 ft. Lake 2 is the largest at just over 2 and half acres, this water does have a central island to target. Depths between 4 ft and 6 ft. Lake 3 is circular in shape and again has an island just over an acre in total size with depths up to 12ft. A fantastic mixed fishery, Westfield Lakeland Park is stocked with carp to 27lb 8oz and bream to 12lb 4oz. Lake 2 has tench to 4lb 4oz, ghosties to 9lb. rudd, roach and perch to 1lb 8oz, barbel of a pound, plus the odd small chub. For the larger carp try legered hair-rigged corn/luncheon meat, while tench have a penchant for float-fished bread or bead paste. Try a feeder fished redworm tipped with a caster for the bream.

Carp to 27lb
Tench to 4lb
Perch to 1lb

Address: Fitling Lane, Fitling, HU12 9AL, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.westfieldcountrypark.co.uk

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Trevor morgan - 13rd Sep 2021 at 1:55pm

Do you do accommodation if so what is your availability for next year. And prices please

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John Pemberton - Reviewed 11st Oct 2021 at 10:41am

I agree with Last reviewer, a right rip off. Only a couple of feet deep in most places and defo no big carp just loads of 2 to 3 lbers. Scruffy place grass and pegs haven’t been cut all year and bailiff is a right know-all. Spend your money somewhere else that cares about their fish

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Kevin - Reviewed 5th Jul 2021 at 4:05pm

Came to visit for a week, fished every day, very disappointing. No one had a carp bigger than 9.7 lbs. all 3’ deep. Plenty of skimmers and roach, but not a carp lake

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