Wharncliffe Reservoir

Woodhead Road, Sheffield, S35 7, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Wharncliffe Fly Fishery is situated just North of Sheffield off the Stockbridge bi-pass, and is a superb Stillwater trout fishery. The reservoir is well stocked with Rainbows, Blues and Brown trout throughout the year and boasts a good stock of fish many ranging into double figures. Whether you prefer easy casting from the dam wall, stalking your game in the various opening around the reservoir or even fancy a hiring a boat Wharncliffe Fly Fishery truly has something for every angler.

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Address: Woodhead Road, Sheffield, S35 7, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Website: http://flyfishingwharncliffe.com/

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Abel Magwitch - Reviewed 7th Feb 2021 at 4:38pm

A 7.5 acre reservoir with average depths of 12ft. It has places for around 24 anglers and currently has 60 members plus any number of day-ticket anglers so can get rather busy ... It has little natural fly life the best rises coming to falls of greenfly!

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