Frensham Great Pond

Pond Lane, Churt, GU10 2, Surrey, United Kingdom

For many anglers the traditional quarry of early summer remains the tench, and this lovely sixty acre lake has them in abundance. Later in the season specimen roach are a strong possibility, and as winter sets in, Frensham lives up to its reputation as a top-class pike water.Large shallow lake mainly containing stocks of Tench, Roach, Rudd and Perch. Large bags of Tench can be expected in early season with specimens in excess of 7lb are a possibility. Numbers of Roach and Rudd may be caught with the odd specimen over 2lb present. Perch have made a welcome comeback and a small number of specimens over 3lb have been reported.Please use a wire trace if you are lure fishing for them as you are likely to encounter Pike as well, see Bye-law 4.s. pages 10/11. Pike fishing can be rewarding at times, with the odd fish touching 20lb occasionally being caught.Other species are also present, e.g. Carp. The specialist angler may find an interesting challenge.Members should note that this water is very popular with the general public and that we also share it with the Yacht Club. Early morning, evening and midweek sessions are advised, particularly in the summer. Members are advised to avoid the beach and swimming areas on Summer weekends and Bank Holidays.This fantastic fishery is a frequent early season target for the Tench and responds well to the usual feeder tactics, although frequent casting to get a bed of bait out is needed to hold the shoals.The Carp have been putting weight on over the past few years and need specialist tactics for a result, but are well worth the challenge.Lure fishing for Pike can give interesting results for the active winter angler, but dead baits are recommended for the larger specimens.

Address: Pond Lane, Churt, GU10 2, Surrey, United Kingdom

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