Wishing Tree Reservoir

Crowhurst Rd, Hastings, Hastings, TN38 9, East Sussex, United Kingdom

This 4-acre lake is well-known for its many carp and other species captures. The bulk of the carp captured in the summer are commons, with a minor number of mirrors. Bags of twenty fish are often caught at this time, with thirty and even forty fish being feasible. Weights are typically high singles or low doubles, however some carp may reach more than 20 pounds.

The water has excellent access since it is located right next to the road and is quite productive, making it a perfect place to spend a few hours with a decent possibility of catching a few fish.

During the warmer months, surface fishing is quite successful.

All techniques are successful. The water also has a healthy head of roach and rudd, both of which may grow to 1 1/2 lbs. From a few feet where the water enters to five feet at the end of the dam, the depth varies. Members and day ticket holders are allowed to fish at night, and a bailiff often attends and is happy to provide guidance.

All methods are effective. Additionally, the lake is home to roach and rudd that may weigh up to 2 pounds. The lake is between a few feet deep when the water first enters and five feet deep at the end of the dam. Members and holders of day tickets are permitted to fish at night, and a bailiff often shows up and is eager to provide assistance.

The lake is home to many Pike, Rudd, Roach, Eels, Perch, and Bream that weigh over 6 lbs. in addition to the carp. The water might be challenging at times, but with a little effort, results are possible.

Carp over 20lb
Tench to 5lbs

Address: Crowhurst Rd, Hastings, Hastings, TN38 9, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Website: http://hastingsandbexhillangling.co.uk

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