The River Dane

Crewe, CW4 8, Cheshire, United Kingdom

This water is strictly Members-only
The WAA fishery is approx 1.5 miles, single bank, of the River Dane.
The Dane is a pleasant, intimate, narrow winding river. This stretch is located in farmland just north of Holmes Chapel.
The stretch is known in particular for it's chub fishing, with fish averaging around 3lbs. There is also good sport for grayling, trout, roach, dace and eels. The river is also home to plagues of minnows, so fishing with small baits like maggots can require a patient approach to build up a swim and attract larger species.

Address: Crewe, CW4 8, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Damian Owens - 22nd Mar 2021 at 11:46am

Hi can I fish the river on a day ticket? If not how to I become a member and how much is it to join, Thanks Damian Owens

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