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Oakwood Lane, Moston Green, CW11 3, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Plex is a classic looking fishery of approximately 2 acres. During the summer months there are abundant lily beds and bulllrushes, the water ranges in depth from just a few inches to over 7ft with an overall average of 4ft, there are very few snags other than those found on the far tree line.The lake bed is festooned with bloodworm beds and has both silty and firmer areas. There are various species stocked including high quality roach, tench and crucian carp. The main attraction however are the Carp and Catfish, Carp have been caught upto 27lb with a large number of other 20lb+ fish with an average weight of mid to high doubles. The Catfish are however the stars of the show in the Plex and have reached weights of 45lb+, again there are plenty of back-up fish with around half a dozen other 30lb+ fish, average weight for the catfish is 15lb+.The largest Catfish landed in 2009 weighed 38lb 12oz.

Carp over 20lb
Catfish over 45lb

Address: Oakwood Lane, Moston Green, CW11 3, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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