Ghyll Head Reservoir

Ghyll Head Road, Windermere, LA23 3, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Even in an area where beautiful scenery is commonplace Ghyll Head stands out from the crowd. Hardly surprising that this is WADAA's most popular fishery. Ghyll Head nestles in a small elevated valley overlooking Windermere and is the perfect place for a day’s trout fishing. The fishery runs to eleven acres, narrow in places, with numerous bays, points and inlets – all of which add variety and interest to the fishing. Nearly all the water can be covered from the shore - from the deeper sections by the dam, through the narrows and up into the shallower top end.
Trout move around as the season develops but at first most will hold in the deeper holes and respond well to mini lures on sinking lines. Early April sees a movement into the shallows to take advantage of the huge daytime buzzer hatches. During May and June fish can be all over the fishery but return to the deeps as the water temperatures rise in mid summer, returning to forage in the shallows as autumn brings cooler conditions. When fish are topping dry fly can be the killing method but above all this is great nymph water. It is important to find the holding depth and three nymphs on a long leader will give you a decided advantage when few fish are showing on top.

Address: Ghyll Head Road, Windermere, LA23 3, Cumbria, United Kingdom

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