Llyn y Gors Fishery

Llyn Y Gors, Llandegfan, Menai Bridge, Anglesey. LL59 5PN

There are 5 lakes on the venue, please read below for a description of each lake. 

Old Carp Lake is a beautiful, natural-looking lake with a variety of characteristics both below and above the water. On the lake, there are 20 pegs, however only 18 are utilised at any one time. Each swim has its own set of characteristics to which you may fish. There are lots of hiding spots for the fish in the 5 acre lake, which has seven islands. This lake might be difficult at times, and it may not be the ideal option for beginner anglers, but if you get it right, you can catch many fish. Lakes like this are becoming more rare; we've preserved the lake as natural as possible without becoming too wild or commercial, an ideal that has persisted through all prior owners and continues now. We're gradually phasing down day sessions on here since it's becoming more of a session lake; a minimum of 24 hours is recommended.

The stock consists of roughly 350 carp ranging in size from 10 to 30 pounds, all of which were hand-picked for their appearance rather than their size. We offer a diverse collection of carp, ranging from Scaly Mirrors to Ghosties and commons.

Catfish/Marsh Lake: The long-awaited Catfish Lake will be formally opened on April 16, 2021. We had a couple of trial nights during the closed time to see how the catch rates were, and we were blown away, with cats up to mid-30lb coming out on a few occasions. We have a running rig set up rule in place since catfish is one of the key species. This is a considerably better and safer technique to fish for catfish. We are certain that this lake will be extremely popular, with over 20 catfish weighing up to 46 pounds and more on the way.

Lillypad Pond  is great for kids and beginners, but we also have a lot of more experienced anglers fishing there because of how much fun it can be. Nice sized rudd and roach, perch, tench, crucian carp, hybrid carp, and carp ranging from 6oz to 2lb maximum are all present. The absence of trees and simple pegs make it ideal for tiny children learning to throw.

Pine Lake is a 1 acre lake with 30 different pegs and is well stocked. At the present, we have carp up to 5 pounds, barbel up to 2 pounds, perch over 3 pounds, rudd, roach, crucian carp up to 1 pound, tench up to 2 pounds, and F1 hybrids up to 1 pound. There are several attractions both below and above the sea.

The Pleasure Lake contains the same species as the Pine Lake, but on a larger scale, with carp to mid doubles, tench to 6lb, the Welsh crucian record of 2lb 12oz, barbel to 3lb plus, chub, Ide, Rudd, and Roach, as well as some beautiful Perch. The Lilly beds and the margins are the most prominent characteristics.

Day ticket
Carp over 30lb
Catfish over 50lb

Address: Llyn Y Gors, Llandegfan, Menai Bridge, Anglesey. LL59 5PN

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