Fron Farm Fishery

Fron Farm Fishery Bontnewydd Aberystwyth SY23 4JG United Kingdom

Fron Farm Fishery is made up of four lakes ranging in size from one to two acres, each having a large variety of high-quality fish for you to capture.

Lower Trout Lake: Our lower trout lake is almost 20 feet deep, with natural flat terrain and a few trees and plants near the bottom.

Rainbows and blues are restocked at 1.5 lb. We have enormous, fully finned, hard-fighting fish, not the biggest, but worthy of a battle. Brown trout reproduce in the wild in clean, healthy water. The fish caught in this lake have earned their keep, since it is a difficult body of water to fish. Between the trout lakes, there is simple access.

Our top trout lake is around 10 feet deep, deep enough for the trout to stay cool even in the hottest of Welsh summers. Smaller than the bottom lake, but with the same sporting fish. This lake is great for beginners and younger anglers, as well as those who wish to share their enthusiasm for fishing since casting is simpler.

Our stocking approach is to have a nice head of 1.5 pound Trout on hand and to restock on a regular basis. Given the abundant natural food source, the growth rate is astonishing.

Bottom Course Lake: This 18-foot-deep lake is located on the lower course (I know I have walked it). From the parking, there is a gradual slope down to the lake. The lake boasts a substantial stock of mirror and common carp, as well as a good head of tench, thanks to its broad open banks. Barbel, rudd, and bream are all doing nicely. If you're fortunate, you'll capture an eel; if you're very lucky, you won't. Between the coarse lakes, there is easy access.

Upper course lake: The depth of the upper course lake varies from 4 to 8 feet. This is a more established lake, with all of the fish having naturally bred there. There are a variety of carp available, including the stunning golden orfe and carp. The lake is encircled on three sides by plants and trees, providing a safe haven for anglers. There is also a little island in the lake.

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Address: Fron Farm Fishery Bontnewydd Aberystwyth SY23 4JG United Kingdom

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