Greenwood Fisheries

Tarporley Road, Whitley, WA4 4DZ, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Set in eight acres of Cheshire heartland, Greenwood Fishery and Nature Reserve is a privately-owned, non-profit-making, rural regeneration project. All available income from the fishery is ploughed back into the management and upgrading of the fish stocks and improving facilities, services and amenities, for the benefit of the visitors. Further work to enhance local countryside, improve the environment and provide a peaceful caring haven for wildlife, carries on throughout the year. Not only anglers but their families, companions and the public in general are welcome to enjoy a truly relaxing experience in peaceful, natural surroundings. With the exception of Christmas and special maintenance days, the site is open throughout the year, for day and night fishing.

Carp to over 20lb
Chub to 4lb
Barbel to 7lb

Address: Tarporley Road, Whitley, WA4 4DZ, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Andy Mathers - Reviewed 9th Sep 2021 at 10:41am

Went a couple of weeks ago, lovely place no algae. Owner had a small chat and a bit of advice on how it was fishing so no complaints. Would visit again.

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Mick - Reviewed 18th Jul 2020 at 5:31pm

Went up there there Wednesday night it looked nice the people fishing were a friendly lot full of advice and very helpful with tips.

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Sean - Reviewed 10th Jun 2020 at 3:48pm

The Blair told me on the Friday night he would keep the disabled peg free and I got there second in the que and when he let every one in on the carp lake someone ran on to the disabled peg with a float rod and he then told me my peg had gone first come first served best thing is the angler on the peg wasn't disabled stay away if disabled

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Steve - Reviewed 8th Jun 2020 at 10:54am

It's a great pond to fish you must of gone to the wrong place theirs no algae on that pond

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Eddy - Reviewed 3rd Aug 2018 at 3:23pm

I rang the two phone numbers fineness on th website numerous times over two days , I could not get a reply, so in the end I drove the twenty odd miles up the congested M6 motorway & finally found the well concealed access path to the deserted car park. After reading the description of this wonderful place, I thought I must of landed in a completely different place, I found 1 person fishing in an algae covered stagnant pond , a few minutes later, I can only assume was the bailiff (ticket collector), to say was a man of very few words is an understatement. As soon as he had collected a sum from the angler, he about turned and started back the way he’d came, I asked him a few questions concerning the location but he completely ignored me & kept on walking. He was one of the most ignorant people that I’ve encountered , I didn’t even have time to live him a piece of my mind before he’d gone. Shame. I only hope he was the owner, otherwise he’s costing someone else their living. I didn’t get the answers I drove there for, but I won’t be returning, I sure there are many other fisheries who are willing to welcome new anglers & earn a few bob.

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