South Reed Fisheries Carp Lake

South End, Thorne, DN8 5, Doncaster, United Kingdom

The fishery is quite a good size and circular in shape. There is a central island that is out of pole range (unless you got a 20 metre lol). There are reed beds all around the perimeter with good size platforms cut into them, thus every peg has reeds each side to fish to.
Swanland lake is stocked with Carp, Bream, Roach, Tench, Bream etc.
Rules are usual i.e. Barbless hooks, no keepnets etc. Landing net heads are provided and must be used. No fishing Thursdays as there are evening matches then. At present also it would appear to be booked at weekends till the end of August.
Fishing times are 7am to dusk.

Address: South End, Thorne, DN8 5, Doncaster, United Kingdom
Phone: 01405 812986

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